Fusion Advantage Detention Mattress

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  • Safety -  The combination of the TPU nylon cover with the breathable vent makes it easy to detect incisions that could be used to hide harmful contraband. 
  • RF-Welded Seams - The radio-frequency sealed seams make the core of the mattress impervious to contamination by bed bugs, lice, fluids, fungi, bacteria, and more. 
  • Breathable Vent - Every MTJ American Detention mattress features our patented breathable vent which allows air to circulate while keeping out fluids and other harmful contaminants.
  • Durable - The durable nylon cover with bonded seams means the mattress is flexible and it will not crack.
  • Sanitary - The cover resists liquid, bodily fluids, medications, head lice, and is treated with a fungistatic agent to protect from fungal growth
  • Comfortable - The MAX Life polyester fiber core provides our best comfort & support
  • Flame Retardant - The flame retardant core helps to prevent injury and damage to property
  • Environmentally friendly- No hazardous chemicals or additional ingredients are added during the processing of this product.
  • Cost Savings - Reduce the cost of treating infections - Our covers are easy to clean and help prevent the transfer of infectious illnesses. 
  • Recyclable - No hazardous chemicals or additional ingredients are added during the processing of this product. It is 100% recyclable "green".
  • (Optional) Patented Integrated Full-Size Pillow - Provides additional comfort w/o having to deal with the maintenance and replacement of detached pillows.
  • Flammability: Meets and exceeds the requirements of California Technical Bulletin 129, California Technical Bulletin 603, 16 CFR Part 1632 & 1633, Exceeds requirements of Fed Std. 191, NFPA 701


  • Thickness - 5” compressed to 4.5” standard
  • Composition - MAX Life densified polyester fiber core.


  • Material Thermal polyurethane coated nylon fabric - will not crack and is pinhole free.
  • Patented Breathable Vent - Sealed on the inside of the cover, resists water, oil, urine, blood, head lice, and bed bugs
  • Water Resistant - Resists liquid, body waste, and hospital medications
  • Bonded Seams - Seam Strength - In excess of 60 lbs/in - 3-year warranty on the bonding of seams
  • Cleaning - Wipes clean with soap and water, or properly diluted disinfectant (final rinse with water to remove all residues) - do not launder
  • Fungistatic Resistant Properties - This mattress cover has been treated with a fungistatic agent to protect the product from fungal growth. The agent guards the mattress fabric against degradation from micro-organisms and/or bacteria. Passes: AATCC Method 30-1988, AATCC Method 147-1998, AATCC Method 100-1999
  • Allergen Info - Skin irritation test Draize dermal result, non-allergenic