Clear Advantage Detention Mattress

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  • The Clear Advantage Detention Mattress features a transparent cover that is soft, flexible, and durable. The transparent cover allows your staff to quickly perform a visual search of the mattress for contraband that could harm themselves or others. The Clear Advantage also has upgraded features like a denser core for additional support and a patented breathable vent which makes it easy to detect punctures or incisions on the cover. The clear vinyl cover and the vent are both easy to clean, resistant to liquid penetration, and have been treated with a special fungistatic agent to protect against fungal growth. When you want a quality mattress that is tamper-resistant, easily searchable, easy to clean, and comfortable, the Clear Advantage Detention Mattress is what you need.
  • Safety -  The combination of the clear vinyl cover with the breathable vent makes this our most easily searched mattress
  • RF Welded Seams - The radiofrequency bonded seams protect the core of the mattress from foreign contaminants including bed bugs, lice, bodily fluids, and more. 
  • Breathable Vent - Every mattress features our patented breathable vent which allows air to circulate while keeping out fluids and other harmful contaminants. 
  • Sanitary - The cover resists liquid, bodily fluids, medications, and is treated with a fungistatic agent to protect from fungal growth
  • Tamper Resistant - The durable vinyl cover mixed with the bonded seams helps to prevent contraband and other foreign objects from entering the mattress.
  • Comfort - The polyester fiber core provides better comfort & support than cotton core or foam core mattresses.
  • Flame Retardant - The flame retardant core helps to prevent injury and damage to property
  • Recyclable - It is 100% recyclable
  • Environmentally friendly- No hazardous chemicals or additional ingredients are added during the processing of this product.
  • Durable - More resistant to delaminating from flexing action
  • (Optional) Patented Integrated Full-Size Pillow - Provides additional comfort w/o having to deal with the maintenance and replacement of detached pillows.
  • Flammability: Meets and exceeds the requirements of California Technical Bulletin 129, California Technical Bulletin 603, 16 CFR Part 1632 & 1633, Exceeds requirements of Fed Std. 191, NFPA 701



  • Thickness - 5” compressed to 4.5” standard
  • Composition - Polyfiber core



  • Material - Durable Clear Vinyl that makes it easy to search and easy to clean. 
  • Bonded Seams - Seam strength in excess of 52 lbs/in 2-year warranty on the bonding of seams
  • Construction - Made using 1 single piece of vinyl, no stitching used
  • Cleaning - Wipes clean with soap and water, or properly diluted disinfectant (final rinse with water to remove all residues) - do not launder
  • Bacteria Resistant Properties - This mattress cover has been treated with a fungistatic agent to protect the product from fungal growth. The agent guards the mattress fabric against degradation from micro-organisms and/or bacteria. Passes: AATCC Method 30-1988, AATCC Method 147-1998, AATCC Method 100-1999
  • Allergen Info - Skin irritation test Draize dermal result, non-allergenic