Bulwark FR PEW2 Men's Work Pant - EXCEL FR - 9.0 oz.

$54.50 - $69.00
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Minimum Purchase:
12 units
Item#: VF-PEW2 Description
Features Include:
  • Interlined waistband with button closure
  • Two slack style front pockets
  • Two set-in hip pockets
  • Left hip pocket with button closure

Care: Home Wash and Industrial Wash
Fabric: EXCEL FR Flame-resistant, 9 oz. (305 g/m²) Twill 100% Cotton
Protection: Arc rating ATPV 10.6 calories/cm²
Bulwark FR

VF Imagewear's fastest growing workwear brand, Bulwark offers a line of FR apparel, including shirts, pants, jackets, coveralls, and more.