Seacoast Uniforms is Ready for Cold Weather

With Customizable Sweatshirts, Jackets & Hoodies!

It’s that time of year in which the temperature drops and you need to add outer layers to your seasonal wardrobe. Seacoast Uniforms can help you stay wrapped up and warm with our extensive offering of jackets, hoodies and sweatshirts. Take it one step further and have them customized with a screen printed image or embroidered company name and logo.

It’s About Time for a New Pair of Work Shoes

And Seacoast Uniforms has your feet covered.

No uniform is complete without proper footwear. Foot injuries can be debilitating, resulting in time away from work or difficulty performing a job. Wearing the appropriate footwear, safety shoes or boots can help prevent many foot injuries. Seacoast Uniforms has a wide array of shoes and boots for all types of hard work. Trust us, your feet will thank you.

Why Wear Boring Scrubs?

Seacoast Uniforms brings a spark of creativity to the nursing field.

From medical to dental, and even veterinarian, Seacoast Uniforms has an exclusive line of print scrubs featuring a wide range of topics, themes and patterns. There is so much you can do with color and in the world of medical scrubs fashion, it does not only have to be about solid colors. We’ve got the comfort and style you’re looking for at a price that’s reasonable.

Winter in Florida with Seacoast Uniforms

Customizable Layers for Cool Mornings and Warm Afternoons

Florida may have the sunniest winter climate in the eastern United States, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get cold. Since Seacoast Uniforms is headquartered in South Florida, we felt it pertinent to address the ways you can plan and customize your wardrobe for work and play.

When Floridians do complain about the winter weather, they complain about the strange way you have to dress. When you leave home in the morning, the temperature can be cool and crisp, tempting you to wear sweaters and a coat, but by lunchtime it’s 80 degrees and you realize why everyone was encouraging you to dress in layers.

Seacoast Uniforms Provides Popular Corporate Promo Items for the Holidays

Perfect for your clients, coworkers, and employees.

With Thanksgiving already this week, and the holidays headed this way next month, now is the time for businesses and corporations to plan and purchase their end of the year promotional material. From handy helpers like flashlights and wine keys to health and fitness, winter gear and more, Seacoast Uniforms is the number one destination to purchase everything you need to spread the corporate cheer.

Seacoast Uniforms Partners with Boca Raton Regional Hospital

Bringing a Scrubs Shop to those Hardworking Heroes who need it.

We are proud to announce the opening of our official scrubs shop in the Boca Regional Hospital. This special store brings our best medical attire directly to you, the nurses and doctors who use it, wear it and depend on it, day in and day out.

Seacoast Uniforms Creates Customizable Safety Gear

Dangerous and hazardous jobs need attire and accessories that always protect.

Hundreds of jobs require some form of safety apparel. Jobs performed in or nearby oncoming traffic or heavy equipment are particularly susceptible to injury and require safety garments to help avoid personal injury. From carpenters to landscapers, electricians to road surveyors, certain work requires a few extra steps and layers to make sure you come home in one piece at the end of the day.

Josh Simkowitz Creates for Seacoast Uniforms

Screen Printing, Songs and Smiles

Josh Simkowitz is a screen printer with a subversive side. Using his unique sense of humor and creativity, Josh is integral in building brands and shaping the screen printing process here at Seacoast Uniforms. He orchestrates the entire development, from start to finish, overseeing the machines, preparing the inks, and of course keeping up the spirit of the screen printing staff.

Seacoast Uniforms Rain Gear Keeps You Dry

Helping You Weather Any Storm

A few weeks ago, Hurricane Matthew carved a collision course through the Caribbean, the state of Florida, and parts of the US south, bringing with it unbearable rain and wind. Since Seacoast Uniforms is headquartered in South Florida, we know first hand the effects severe weather can have on a community, and not everyone can take off of work and hunker down or evacuate.

For those individuals who are called to duty in the worst weather conditions, Seacoast Uniforms offers top of the line, high-tech rain gear that can withstand the worst of the worst. Don’t get blown away.

Seacoast Uniforms Dresses the Bus Drivers of Palm Tran

The wait is over.

With the help of Seacoast Uniforms, Palm Tran, the Palm Beach County public bus transportation system, rolled out the first phase of an ambitious plan to overhaul the way the public views Palm Beach County’s transit agency. That first phase consisted of new, spruced-up uniforms designed for transit operators.