Employee Attire and Merchandise for Local Farm & Winery

Durable and Dynamic Screen Printing from Seacoast Uniforms

A unique business in a unique market and location needs to display a genuine and dynamic attention to detail. Seacoast Uniforms recently outfitted a local, small business that is on the cutting edge of forward-thinking endeavors. It also happens to be one of our favorites places.

Sons & Daughters Farm & Winery is on a mission to create a sustainable organic farm that encourages the natural, symbiotic relationship between plant, animal, and man. They make their own wine, cultivate their own crops, and intend to keep everything healthy and organic.

Celebrate the Hardworking Moms in Your Company

Seacoast Uniforms Makes Mother’s Day Memorable

Whether your company is a large or small business, you undoubtedly have a few mothers working for you. This is a good time to boost the morale throughout the company and show all the moms that you care and appreciate their hard work. Mother’s Day is less than two weeks away, and Seacoast Uniforms can help you treat all the moms in work and life to something special. Don’t wait until it is too late, shop our large selection now.

Seacoast Uniforms Works with Powerhouse Brands and Global Businesses

Custom Embroidery and Screen Printing for Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts and More

Here at Seacoast Uniforms, we are no stranger to delivering custom and personalized work for international companies such as Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts and others. We are able to provide turn key services for large corporate brands, and build custom apparel websites, as well as personalization for their large, retail-centered staff. Why do these international companies work with us? Because they realize the value of having a community partner with the knowledge, technologies and creative team they need to remain at the forefront of their industry.

Seacoast Uniforms Has You Covered with Custom Coveralls

Perfectly Embroidered or Screen Printed for Hard Working Individuals

Coveralls are an integral part of many working person’s daily life, and have been for over a century. As time will attest, industrial jumpsuits and coveralls are the most versatile garments that ever came on the market. They save a lot of clothing from being spoiled through messy jobs and they are so good at what they do you can wear a tuxedo inside and still step out of them looking pristine. From painters and mechanics to farmers and oil riggers, all can testify to the convenience and strength of coveralls.

Custom Branded Golf Gear from Seacoast Uniforms

Sealing Deals on the Golf Course in Style

It’s no secret that a lot of business get done on the golf course. That is why it is important to look sharp when hitting the links with clients and coworkers. After all, you never know when you will sink a hole in one in a game, and a hole in one with a prospective partner.

Stay Dry with Custom Umbrellas from Seacoast Uniforms

Personalized for Work, Life and Rainy Days

For those that have to work outside, no matter the weather, it is a good idea to keep an umbrella handy at all times, just in case. For employers, no matter the job, by providing your staff with umbrellas featuring the company logo, it is a good way to keep employees happy, and a unique way to keep your brand visible in any weather. At Seacoast Uniforms, our umbrella coverage ranges from company giveaways, promotional products to being necessary tools for the job at hand. 

Seacoast Uniforms Unifies Your Staff

Design and Order Custom Shirts and Polos for your Entire Sales Team

As a business owner, you want to create an impression. Having your staff, especially your sales team, in matching attire makes your company look professional and betters the overall image. Having a compulsory uniform reinforces the impression that you’re official and trustworthy, and that your staff has the knowledge of your brand and product so that customers feel more comfortable.

Go the Extra Mile with Seacoast Uniforms

Stand Out in Our Quality Customizable Running Gear

Whether you are a sprinter, a marathon runner or just a weekend jogger, nothing says commitment to running and healthy lifestyle like customized running gear. From shorts to tops, socks and water bottles, at Seacoast Uniforms we can customize all of your running attire and accessories to keep you going and to stay motivated.

Seacoast Uniforms Has Doctors, Dentists and Medical Technicians Covered

The Usefulness of a Custom Lab Coat

Commonly worn by those in the fields of medicine and natural science, the practical lab coat serves a variety of functions. A lab coat provides substantial protection for a good portion of your body from coming into direct contact with hazardous substances in the office, hospital and laboratory. A good clean lab coat indicates professionalism and distinguishes an individual as a specialist in their field.

Work Hard with Custom Aprons from Seacoast Uniforms

For All Jobs, Any Occasion, Any Hobby, and More

Aprons aren’t just for the butcher or fishmonger anymore. They are used in many professions, including wait staff, housekeeping, carpenters, painters, chefs and many more. While food and professional industries have used aprons as a vital part of their uniforms, aprons are also sought after in the home to wear while grilling in the backyard, washing dishes, baking or even making art like pottery.

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