Stay Dry with Custom Umbrellas from Seacoast Uniforms

Personalized for Work, Life and Rainy Days

For those that have to work outside, no matter the weather, it is a good idea to keep an umbrella handy at all times, just in case. For employers, no matter the job, by providing your staff with umbrellas featuring the company logo, it is a good way to keep employees happy, and a unique way to keep your brand visible in any weather. At Seacoast Uniforms, our umbrella coverage ranges from company giveaways, promotional products to being necessary tools for the job at hand. 

Open Up the Possibilities

Compact Custom Umbrellas from Seacoast UniformsWhen the weather outside looks dreary, a name printed on a t-shirt will likely be covered by some sort of jacket or rain protection, but with an umbrella, you can make sure your logo is on top display during times of precipitation.

Custom umbrellas are versatile, unisex and make perfect promotions that fit any audience, and they also make good gifts for staff and coworkers. Compact folding umbrellas with logo decoration are easy to carry in a tote, briefcase or backpack. For a more upscale promotional gift, full-size golf umbrellas provide plenty of canopy coverage and a super-sized logo area. A custom umbrella with company brand, slogan or logo provides shelter from feisty weather conditions or the hot summer sun.

Chance of Rain (or Shine)

Custom Umbrella from Seacoast UniformsGood for valets, delivery drivers, outside sales teams, property managers and many more jobs that are in a revolving door of inside and outside. Because, no matter what the weatherman says, you never know.

Professional or promotional umbrellas are a gift that your clients, employees, or any audience, will truly appreciate. If you are planning an outdoor event or participating in a corporate golf tournament, custom umbrellas with your logo will turn heads all around while keeping yours shaded and dry.