Seacoast Uniforms Has Doctors, Dentists and Medical Technicians Covered

The Usefulness of a Custom Lab Coat

Commonly worn by those in the fields of medicine and natural science, the practical lab coat serves a variety of functions. A lab coat provides substantial protection for a good portion of your body from coming into direct contact with hazardous substances in the office, hospital and laboratory. A good clean lab coat indicates professionalism and distinguishes an individual as a specialist in their field.

More Than Just Part of the Uniform

Lab Coats are Suits of Armor for DoctorsWhether a doctor, a dentist or anyone working in any type of laboratory, lab coats are like a shield of honor mixed with a suit of armor. Any article of clothing that important to a field or professional should be monogrammed, labeled or customized with the utmost care and specifics. Wear your title, as well as your name, rank and expertise on your lab coat by allowing Seacoast Uniforms to embroider each stitch to perfection.

Casual and comfortable are the necessary ingredients for great custom medical coats and custom lab coats. Hospitals, dentist’s office, doctor’s’ offices, and medical offices know that when custom medical coats and custom lab coats get done right, they make a great impression for the company.

Hospital Logos and Credentials

To make the best first impression, be sure your logo and personalization stands out on your custom lab coat. In the healthcare industry, flash and style takes a backseat to the task at hand; so custom medical lab coats should be conservative and the logos subtle, but also positioned properly to pop without fuss. You can buy our medical lab coats as blank or embroidered, and lab coats aren’t just white anymore, they come in colors, with or without collars.

With health care professionals and technicians spending a majority of their day in a lab coat, it is impossible to avoid getting one’s lab coat stained and damaged. When this happens, it is time to come to Seacoast Uniforms and purchase a new one. Give us a call or contact us online.