Winter in Florida with Seacoast Uniforms

Customizable Layers for Cool Mornings and Warm Afternoons

Florida may have the sunniest winter climate in the eastern United States, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get cold. Since Seacoast Uniforms is headquartered in South Florida, we felt it pertinent to address the ways you can plan and customize your wardrobe for work and play.

When Floridians do complain about the winter weather, they complain about the strange way you have to dress. When you leave home in the morning, the temperature can be cool and crisp, tempting you to wear sweaters and a coat, but by lunchtime it’s 80 degrees and you realize why everyone was encouraging you to dress in layers.

Seacoast Uniforms Fleece SweaterLightweight Layers

Jackets are way too overwhelming to wear all day. Therefore, it is best to opt for a few layers of lightweight outerwear. By pairing a fleece sweater with a light jacket or a windbreaker, it allows you to shed the layers as the day goes on and the temperature rises. Also, don’t forget the possibility of light rainwear, because it tends to rain a lot in Florida’s subtropical climate, even in the winter.

If it is cold at night, throw on a scarf, have some gloves and a hat ready, and bring an extra top Seacoast Uniforms All Weather Jacketlayer in the car. The idea here is to plan ahead for the ever-changing conditions. And it never hurts to keep a comfy throw blanket handy for those Florida nights when the windows are left open, and you are binge watching your favorite holiday films.

Fashionable Snowbirds

Winter in South Florida is definitely an oxymoron, and comes with its own winter style adaptations. Whether you live in South Florida or just visiting, Seacoast Uniforms can help you winterize your wardrobe. Many people feel and experience temperature fluctuations differently, that is why we have a wide selection of winter clothes and interchangeable layers. You can mix and match for the whole season or separate events, such as customizing clothes for family vacations or work retreats.