Josh Simkowitz Creates for Seacoast Uniforms

Screen Printing, Songs and Smiles

Josh Simkowitz is a screen printer with a subversive side. Using his unique sense of humor and creativity, Josh is integral in building brands and shaping the screen printing process here at Seacoast Uniforms. He orchestrates the entire development, from start to finish, overseeing the machines, preparing the inks, and of course keeping up the spirit of the screen printing staff.

A maestro of many sorts, Josh has been working, as well as providing Seacoast Uniforms with smiles and songs, for almost three years now. When it comes to the screen printing department, Josh leaves no stone unturned and has a reliable do-it-yourself mentality that permeates everything he does.

Everyday Excellence

Josh Simkowitz Seacoast Uniforms ScreenprintingBorn and raised in Palm Beach County, Josh does everything with a splash of humor and creativity. Josh is the type of guy to give you a ride home if your friends left you behind.

In his own words, Josh comes in everyday and does his job with excellence. He is an expert in all phases of silk screen printing, including art preparation, photo-transfer, screen making, color matching, printing, drying, and finishing, and he is proud to have a day job like Seacoast, that allows him to be creative and have a bit of freedom.

“Marc and Dawn are the best employers I’ve ever had.”

Ultra Prolific

Josh Simkowitz Seacoast Uniforms Chaucer MusicianScreen printing takes a lot of creativity, as well as patience. Josh has both, because he is a musician, first and foremost, that fell into the job, which combines his forces in many ways, and also allows him to make shirts for his band, Chaucer, named after Geoffrey Chaucer the author of The Canterbury Tales. More so, the band name Chaucer essentially came to him while watching the U.K. version of The Office, in which Ricky Gervais’ character invokes the author’s name to seem intelligent.

Comedy and music are the biggest influences on Josh’s life. He writes all the music and whimsical lyrics, and plays in the band with a few other guys who work at Seacoast Uniforms. He and his band have been written about in the Miami New Times. When he is not hard at work screen printing for the masses, Josh literally spends every minute off work writing and making music.